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developer - photographer - father
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My Experience

  • Zoom7 GmbH

    since Feb 2017Teamleader and senior developer
    • Leading a small team of mobile and backend developers
    • Maintain many of the projects of Socialbit
    • ... while creating new apps in react-native
    • ... and forge new backends in nodejs
    • Manage the whole backend and app hosting on aws
  • Socialbit GmbH

    Jan 2016 - Feb 2017Teamleader and senior developer
    • Led a team of mobile and backend developers
    • Crafted new apps with react-native
    • Built many backend and chat systems with nodejs, socket.io and php
    • Managed a great amount of servers on aws
  • Christ Elektronik GmbH

    Aug 2011 - Dec 2015Junior developer
    • Created tools which generate 3d sequences and animations for digital signage displays
    • Built new visual components for Visbee
    • Developed various communication protocols for a wide varriaty of hardware devices
  • CVS-Computer

    Apr 2011Intern
    • Created modules for a intern developed shop system
  • Solution Informatik

    Sep 2005Intern
    • Supported colleges in customer meetings
    • Repaired multiple computers

Technology summary


  • js
  • c++
  • c#
  • python
  • php



  • mysql
  • sqlite
  • postgres
  • mongodb



  • German
  • English